New rule

Due to some past payments not being paid yet I now need to be paid before I start anything. This does not count toward Ryu-Kon pre=orders

Main Street Sweets

I talked to Jody Stephen the owner of Main Street Sweets here in Allegany, NY. I made a Pair of shoes for her bakery and cafe shop. The front right view is of her logo with some floating cupcakes. the front left view is of a late with Jody’s logo drawn in with a straw with the foam. on the side views of the shoes are sweets and Jody’s information to contact her for ordering any kind of sweets from her.The very back the left shoe has a cherry on the cupcake which i made the stem for the cherry the pull tab of the shoe. The very back of the right shoe has a cupcake as well but instead of a cherry i made the pull tab a candle instead. To see these pair of shoes and the awesome food that Jody and her staff make come on down to Main Street Sweets.

Main Street Sweets bakery and cafe
61 East Main Street
Allegany, NY 14706
716-373-SWEET (7933)

Also here is a link to here facebook page Main Street Sweets:

Pokemon project

started to draw pokemon for the Ryu-kon booth ill be having in their artist alley this year in july. ill post pics soon

Buffalo Shoes

These shoe were asked by Mary Caus in personel at the olean walmart. She is going to be putting this in a chinese auction i believe on the 16th at the benefit she is going to.

No Symmetry

The anime that is this pair is “Soul Eater”. The character on the front is “Death the Kid” and he has a slight proplem which most fans of the show know is he needs everything to be symmetrical. and thus the picture logo of Soul Eater on the right foot is not symmetrical. So this is why Kid is freaking out. The characters on the sides of the shoes are Liz and Patty. Liz being the one doing a face palm and Patty being Patty and being silly because Kid is having a spastic moment. This pair will be for sale at Ryu-Kon at my artist alley booth. If I still have them at the con ill post.

Ryu-Kon 2013

I just applied for an artist alley spot for Ryu-Kon 2013. I can’t wait :D…now to get really ready for this X3

An Increase today

I increased the price of my stuff today after a long time of it being at $20

Another pair

I almost have another pair done but sadly what i need to do to finish them is with an iron -_____-. Oh well have to wait til i gets to see the mumsie

Thank you Tumblr Fans

Thank you all who visit my shoe page and follow it and reblog my pictures :D


Going to increase the price of my shoes soon

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