Pokemon project

started to draw pokemon for the Ryu-kon booth ill be having in their artist alley this year in july. ill post pics soon

Artist’s Buddy

Well since i got bigger and better paint i needed something to put them in so i bought a blank tote at walmart and made it my paint bag.

Yes this is the new thing i could do if people would like it :)

Egyptian Card Game

These shoes are for Andy Comer. He wanted a Yu-Gi-Oh! themed pair of shoes. What Andy wanted was his favorite monsters on the shoes and I added a little and for the background he wanted from other types of cards he also likes in the game. On one shoe is Dark Magician Girl, Dark Magician, and Buster Blader. on the other shoe is Dark Paladin, Judgment Dragon’s head in Dark Paladin’s hand, Magician of Black Chaos and Sorcerer of Dark Magic. The hieroglyphs on the shoes for the background glow in the dark as well. This pair I’m very proud of because I put each monster in my own way instead of just copying like i usually do :D

My Superman

These shoes are for Shawn Jones. He wanted Superman shoes and that is what i did for my Boyfriend :). He just wanted the Superman logo on the front and different colored ones all over in the back and sides of both shoes

A Garden of Steps

This pair was asked to be done by me for a friend of Linda Pierce Exton. She wanted me to first change how the shoes were so I hand sewed the part were the laces would go over backwards to look how they are. Next I drew the flowers on and had my idea and I then painted. The front is the flower garden and the back of the shoes is how I can put it to be where someone lays on the ground and looks up in the sky and around them is tall grass. For the stems of the flowers well I thought thatI would try something new and hand sewed or well in a way cross stitched type work the stems with colorful thread and added more with the thread. I also added Bug buttons such as the ladybugs and different butterfly’s. The tongue of the shoes I put Tulips and a ladybug button flying around with flowers as the lace holes. Finally at night the glow in the dark paint will be shown by the sun turning into the moon and firefly’s all around the garden.

This is the Kabob Kafe’s sign I got to touch up from Ellicottville, NY. All I will say is I had a very big experience from doing the touch up and have learned from it. the 2 pictures are of the before and after picture :)

The Doctors are at War

This Pair was ask to be done by Alexander Mager for his buddy, Zack Rosenberg, he went to see this past week or two in NYC. But now for the shoes, Alex wanted them done in the Marvel style for his buddy because he is a die hard Marvel fan. He wanted his favorite Marvel characters on the front which are Doctor Strange on the right shoe and Doctor Doom on the left. But as for the sides of the shoes, the entirety of the sides is all in marvel slides from actual comic strips from the comics.

The Boss

This pair was My first customer I didn’t know. The two women one named Jodie told me that this was their father’s day present. The ideas for the boots are Love for his dogs, he’s always been a plumber, coffee fanatic and use to go sailing. The beagle is the dog part but i didn’t know how to put a plumber on the boots to not make it look weird. so i turned the beagle into the plumber. Thecoffee mugs and coffee quote in the insides of the boots are for the fathers love for coffee. Since I didn’t know what to put on the coffee mugs so since this was a father’s day present I thought well the father figure is usually The Boss. and finally the tongue of the boots have the steam from the coffee going up the tongue and the steam has an abstract boat in it look carefully.

Little Shoes for a Little Superhero

This is the final pair for the Irvin Family. This pair is for their son Lachlan and he loves the cartoon show Superhero squad featuring the Marvel Superheros. His Favorite Superheros are Ironman and The Hulk so that is what I put on the front and then on each side of the shoes i put his name and 2 more heros. Wolverine and Thor. and yes I did look at the pictures but i drew them in different ways to kind of give the sense of them being silly or very happy. There is Glow and the Dark paint on the shoes for Ironman’s eyes and beams firing. The Hulk’s eyes and teeth. Wolverine’s claws and Thors wings on his helmet and Lightning.


Here They are the first pair of boots and Im very proud of them and the subject of them :D. The theme if you don’t know is the anime Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Panty is the right foot and Stocking is the left foot. I took the logo in an episode on the tounge from episode 2 part 1. Panty’s shoe i did in a bit more reds and put panties around her to show the theme for her. Stocking on the other hand I put goth colors, around seeing how she is one in the show, and added sweets like donuts, cake and lollipops because she is a sugar addict. but other than that I left one of the laces alone seeing how yellow went with Panty but Stocking’s Lace I painted blue to go with the theme for the boot. Hope these hold up better in Lawn and Garden at walmart. also the pull tabs on the boots to help me pull them on i painted, Stocking’s have cake on both sides. Panty’s though, it the tab is up or down it corresponds with her hair.

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