My Art Weekend

How my Art weekend went. Well the first day at Ryu-Kon was ok not to many people but some people did the keychain raffle. The second day at Ryu-Kon was better got 2 orders and was very happy. Sunday at Art in the Park tons of people were looking and listening to me talk about what I do. All my cards went and I did happen to sell out of the weekend the following:
3 orders of shoes (one free pair from the raffle i was doing)
Nurse Joy of the Underworld
$47 worth of keychains
Both little frames I painted from my grampa
All My business cards went
Also I was glad to see people interested and taking business cards for Main Street SweetsEclectic Bodyart, and Stomping Grounds. But seeing I took a 2 day vaca from art tomorrow ill be starting the stuff i have ordered up tomorrow. other than that thank you for the patients for me to post how i did. Thank you to all who wished me luck as well  But to say as to how well i did I cant really say a yes or no because my type of business i do for people is more an on order type of thing. but I think i did well .

My Superman

These shoes are for Shawn Jones. He wanted Superman shoes and that is what i did for my Boyfriend :). He just wanted the Superman logo on the front and different colored ones all over in the back and sides of both shoes

Little Shoes for a Little Superhero

This is the final pair for the Irvin Family. This pair is for their son Lachlan and he loves the cartoon show Superhero squad featuring the Marvel Superheros. His Favorite Superheros are Ironman and The Hulk so that is what I put on the front and then on each side of the shoes i put his name and 2 more heros. Wolverine and Thor. and yes I did look at the pictures but i drew them in different ways to kind of give the sense of them being silly or very happy. There is Glow and the Dark paint on the shoes for Ironman’s eyes and beams firing. The Hulk’s eyes and teeth. Wolverine’s claws and Thors wings on his helmet and Lightning.

Bleach…No! Not the Cleaner!!!

This is Piper Irvins shoes. She wanted the shoes to be Bleach themed because it is one of her favorite Anime’s. She wanted Ichigo and grimmjow fighting on the front. On the sides of the shoes is a chibi form of each character and Piper’s name on the insides. I also did Glow in the Dark for her on the count for their bone masks they get when fighting like in the anime (please forgive me if that info is wrong haven;t watched Bleach much yet ^ ^””) 

Pentacle Rose

Her are Lindsay Irvin’s shoes. She wanted the Pentacle on the front and Dark Tower Roses. The Ivy on the sides is also part of the roses. The shoe was a challenge for me due to the fabric on the shoe near most of the pentacle. But I got through it and did the best and most detail I could. The leaves around the roses I made go in a circular motion around the roses to show beauty yet security seeing how Lindsay is a strong woman yet beautiful with her family and kids :D. I also put glow in the dark paint on the moon portion of the pentacle to help it stand out :).

Explosive Shoes

These are my pair I just got done because I needed new shoes desperately. These are My Bob-omb pair. The Bob-omb is from the Mario video game series. The two on the front are the regular Bob-omb that is blue and the alien Bob-omb which is purple from the game “Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time”. The name of the Bob-omb on the sides correspond to the color of the Bob-omb. and on the side are all 3 main colors we see alot from many different Mario games, just the alien one is just from the Mario and Luigi game.

Greatfully Awesome

These are James Werth’s shoes. He wanted the Greatful Dead Band logo and Bears. For the bears heads I did the bears in rainbow by the head and the collar as the color that follows it hence you will see the red face bear with orange collar, the next one orange face yellow collar and hence the rainbow for the bears. The logo i did as such with a lighter rainbow in the background of it to have pop out more with the brighter colors and black around it which came out better than I thought. and Now the awesome part. ThIs new thing i am trying actually worked out better than planned :D the last picture didnt turn out so well but i did glow in the dark paint, Yes GLOW in The DARK paint. the white skull glows in the dark and i added some hidden glow in the dark stuff as well around the logo.

Electric Rodents for a Small Child

These shoes are for Art Staker’s lil girl. He told me she love Pikachu so I put Pikachu on the front. The lace Holes i turned into Pokeballs. and I also put Raichu, Pichu, Plusle, Minun, and Pachirisu.

Kingdom Love

This pair was very awesome for me to do because it is showing how well im getting back into my artwork. The theme here is of the game Kingdom Hearts. Brittaini Ricker wanted Kingdom hearts in a few pictures and I added a few as well.

MOOOOOOOOO-ve on there Partner

This pair Russell Chamberlain had me paint for him and I believe they are of a coat of arms but not 100% sure. Very simple yet the cow was very entertaining to do and I enjoyed this pair quite a bit :)

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